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Meet Our Horses

Shanderhof Farm maintains a quality stable of outstanding horses for every rider. Most are schoolmasters, with much to teach future riders. All are ridden and trained daily by Renee and Meggi, using classical and correct methods to ensure the safety of both horse and rider.

Westlord (Milo) – This big, black sweetheart is the barn caretaker and an outstanding Schoolmaster. An Irish Thoroughbred, his 17.1 hands look a bit intimidating, but at 21 years old, he knows how to take care of his riders, never giving more than what you ask. Bombproof to a T, even the beginners can’t help but have fun on his back. If he feels his rider become unstable, his default is to slow down. His talents at half passes and flying changes keep more advanced riders focused as well. He has a distinguished history and has travelled the world doing CDI**** 3-day events. He is privately owned and is used in Shanderhof’s lesson program.

Griffin – This 16.2 hand bay Dutch Warmblood thinks he’s actually a dog. If you let him, he’d crawl into your lap and demand that you rub his belly. He’s been described as noble, curious, affectionate but also incredibly talented. At 21 years old, he acts like he’s 15. He’s not for the very beginners, but is used in many lessons, from novice to advanced riders. He’s also a Schoolmaster, and has taught many riders the amazing feeling of riding a horse from the back to the front, becoming light in the hand. You don’t forget a ride on Griffin very easily!

Flynn – Our 17 hand chestnut Irish Thoroughbred, Flynn is available for leasing to the right student. He’s perpetually happy, and loves his job, whether it’s jumping 2’6”, shoulder in or just hacking on the wooded trails. He’s spunky, forward and is appropriate for the intermediate to advanced riders who want to ride 1st to 2nd level dressage movements. (Gwen and Flynn)

Shanigan – You know you’ve reached the top when Renee offers you to ride her horse! Shanigan is the king of the barn, and may have been an aristocrat in a previous life. At 16.2 hand, and 25 years young, this grey Dutch Warmblood is only for the most advanced, committed and serious riders. He successfully took Renee to the Intermediare I finals and continues his amazing ways.

Duke of Nordholz (Duke) – A 17.1 hand, 9 year old liver chestnut is a Bavarian Warmblood. He’s schooling at 4th level and showing at 1st/2nd level.

Raffiello – Owned by Henry Schurink, Raffiello is a talented, up and coming eventing horse. He is a Bavarian Warmblood, bay and stands 17.1 hand. At 10 years old, he’s just coming into his stride. Meggi is bringing his training along very carefully. (Meggi jumping Raffiello)

Scottie – He’s a 15 year old Anglo-Arab Thoroughbred who at 15.3 hands, has a ton to offer! Confirmed in his 3rd level dressage movements, he breezes through anything you want to throw at him: tempi changes, half pass, piaffe, and canter pirouettes! Chestnut, with lots of chrome, he will be sure to get you noticed by the judges. His medium extended trot is especially phenomenal. Appropriate for the advanced rider, he is available for sale or lease!

Meet the Ponies

Shadow – A chestnut, 14 hand Welsh Cob, Shadow’s a “been there, done that” kind of guy. Absolutely nothing fazes him. In his 21 years, he’s taught hundreds of kids to ride, and ride well. He’s done everything: dressage, eventing, Pony Club, clinics, and has even been on the cover of a magazine! He’s been with Shanderhof for 17 years and knows his job like the back of his hand. He’s great with all riders, beginner to advanced.

Chester – He’s little, but he’s got heart! Chester is a 13 hand, 17 year old chestnut Welsh cob. He, too, has done it all. He takes good care of his riders and has tremendous talent. Perfect for the growing horseperson, he’s a great way to learn your basics. He’s the type of pony that all adults wish they learned on! Chester is available for lease to the right student.

Mudpie – Our sweet paint pony, Mudpie is a 14.1 hand buddy for a confident child rider looking for their next horse. Has your child grown outgrown their pony? This guy will take them to the next level. He’s done it all, including every Pony Club activity imaginable. He is available for half or full lease.